Remember that really cool "God Save The Queen" tee that Agyness Deyn wore backstage way back at the Anna Sui Fall 2009 shows? Well if you don't, let me assure you, it was one of the greatest graphic tees ever, gaining so much global attention, that even Sui's children were wanting one (GraziaDaily). Turns out, the shirt was from Agy's younger sister who had made it for her as a birthday present. Emily Deyn is a twenty-two year old artist who began designing/silkscreening t-shirts with her best mate Aliyaah Hussein back in 2009 (Available HERE). As of yesterday, Emily has launched a full line of tees and tanks at Uniqlo on 546 Broadway in New York City, featuring polaroids of she and Agyness galivanting around the big apple doing their favorite things. Although I would definitely love a copy of Agy's birthday shirt, I am not sure I would necessarily plasted the supermodel and her kin across my chest. Read the full article on Grazia Daily.

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