Like a beautiful butterfly captured in the hand of a bright-eyed child, fashion blogger Scott Schuman proves, snapshot after snapshot, that beauty is more than just in the eye of the beholder. With every picture he takes, Schuman creates an inspirational photo documentation of international style and displays it on his renowned fashion blog, The Sartorialist. On August 12th, 2009, Penguin Publishing Company is releasing a publication of The Sartorialist’s photographs directly from his blog, labeled one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Design Influencers. Now how did all of this come to be, how is The Sartorialist what it is today? For Scott Schuman, it all commenced after he gave up a fashion sales position in 2005 in order to take care of his daughter. From there, Schuman began carrying a digital camera around the streets of New York with him, capturing street style in an extraordinary manner, and henceforth, The Sartorialist was born.

Over the years, the photoblog has depicted outfits that have caught Schuman’s eye on the stylish streets of New York, Paris, Stockholm, Milan, and London. In a single still, this artist captures the essence of movement, color, style, grace and city life in every photo he takes, with subjects ranging from regular city slickers to fashion celebrities such as Karl Lagerfeld, designer for Chanel. Schuman’s mastery has nabbed him a Paris fashion week special for from Conde Nast, and work from many other well-known fashion publications.

Often referred to as The Sartorialist himself, Scott Schuman has become internationally renowned in the fashion industry for his adept artistic ability and visionary talent for spotting and photographing street style with such finesse. Where his vision first began was the most pressing wonder for me, so I deemed it a quintessential question to be answered for all my inspired readers. Schuman says his inspiration was initially sparked by a picture of a man on an empty street, shot by German photographer August Sander. From that single vision, an entire photo empire was born at Little does Mr. Schuman know, but every one of his photos takes my vision to a whole new level- the man is truly an inspiration to me, as I am sure he is to many from coast to coast. Below is an excerpt from the blog of The Sartorialist, as well as a shot of the cover from the soon-to-be-released book.

"Well what can I say - the book is starting to roll off the presses. Penguin just sent me one of the first printed copies. It is so crazy to actually be holding the book I have been working on since January. I know I took all of the pictures, I remember taking each one, but I still can't believe I took all of the photographs. Tracy is holding the paperback version, and soon I will have a copy of the limited-edition hardcover with slipcase to show you.
This has been a labor of love. Taking the pictures, editing the pictures, arranging the pictures, doing most of the writing while I was still in Phoenix after my Dad died. It's hard to put into words how one feels looking at their own work presented like this - so I won't even try."

-Scott Schuman.
Courtesy of The Sartorialist.

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