Once again, the legendary Karl Lagerfeld satisfies the fashion world by artfully reinventing the image of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s into a modern-day Holly Golightly portrayed by rock goddess Lily Allen. Down to the last diamond, Lily Allen looks stunning in the new black-and-white Chanel handbag campaign, mirroring the playful Golightly’s manner with brilliant accuracy. As for the bags themselves, well, they speak volumes without uttering a word. The line of handbags, Chanel Coco Cocoon, is slated to launch in October of 2009. Marvelous, as always. Have a look at the lower image in the photo, which is a behind-the-scenes shot of Lily flashing her pearly whites to Lagerfeld. Decked in diamonds and head-to-toe in Chanel: what’s not to smile about?

Kudos to Karl!


ryder said...

i truly


this campaign.

i just think she hasn't got enough chic-ness

Ruta said...

i love Karl but Lilly just isn't Chanel worthy.

Molly Rose said...

Amazing idea... though I'm not sure I would have picked Lilly Allen... I guess I'll have to see the whole thing to judge though, maybe she'll pull it off!

Stephani Bryant said...

I love love love your blog! Can't wait to see more! Thanks for posting!
-Steph b

aMJ* said...

I think it finally makes Lily look good! Karl is just slowly beautifying the world lol. Good job tfvg love u

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