Jimmy Choo Private Party: Pre-Fall 2009 Shoes & Bags

When the world calls for summer, the fashion world calls for winter. When the world calls for spring, the fashion world has already sprung to autumn. So while the world is awaiting their oncoming seasons, the fashion world is ever-so-elegantly two seasons ahead. Or should I say, two gorgeous Jimmy Choo strappy, leather pumps ahead.

Welcome to the mini-preview of the Jimmy Choo Pre-Fall 2009 Shoes & Bags Private Party. Enjoy your stay my darlings, and feel free to have a look around! To read about a few of the featured pieces, scroll beyond the slideshow tour of the party. Bisous, TFVG.

Of all the gorgeous shoes and bags, I must say I have already begun picking favourites from the sophisticated and sultry line of our darling Jimmy Choo. From alligator shoes and bangles to leather black totes with dangling chains, Choo has really set a fabulous tone for fall. Vividly bright colors such as the yellows, oranges, and reds that the renowned shoe king displayed, brought about the eighties-acid-bright trend while tickling the toes of the illustrious shades of autumn. I was quite pleased to see that strappy gladiator-like heels made the cut; with a streak of ingenuity, Choo creatively added some of those aforementioned eighties-acid-brights into the mix by coloring a few of the straps to prolifically pop. How clever he is! It is not a wonder why he is one of internationally leading lads in shoemaking and accessories.

Jimmy Choo
, we stand by you!
(In cream-colored alligator kitten heels of course!)

All my love,

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