Ford Supermodel of the World 2007 winner, Hyoni Kang, is adding to her long list of achievements by adding “entrepreneur” to the roster. We have all seen her in campaigns from Lacoste to DKNY. Now, the Korean-born model has teamed up with a stylist, Aeri, and J, a photographer and the New York editor of Vogue Korea to open up a vintage store in SoHo this past Christmas. While J manages the business aspect of the store, fittingly named Reborn Process, Aeri and Hyoni find vintage pieces throughout the country and re-make them in their workshop. Also the model for the line, Hyoni calls the new venture, “a vintage reform and remake store.” Hyoni and Aeri will also design their own line of tees for the store, but otherwise, every piece in the store is one-of-a-kind and unquestionably unique. As a fierce vintage fashion lover, I personally adore the idea. From what I have seen on the website, the pieces are wholly amazing, and very Vogue-like chic. Check out the website or drop by the shop at 35 Crosby Street in New York City. 

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