The world is filled with inspired couturiers from Paris to Milan, but only some have that style spark in their eye that woos the hearts of the fashion public with a single piece. Well my darlings, beat-heart-beat.

Erika Hendrix is the newest designer on my radar, with an emerging self-titled label which designs and produces its very own handmade, sweatshop-free clothing and accessories for stylish ladies worldwide. Those with a sincere appreciation for quality pieces made by hand will hopelessy adore designer Erika Hendrix's newest collection.

The most recent Spring/Summer 2009 Collection by Erika Hendrix, elegantly titled An Urban Romance, is a delightfully feminine line that subtly allows women to feel fashionably empowered, a line that all independent fashionistas would be proud to wear. While targeting the season's most in-vogue color swatches, her pieces combine trending looks with an inimitable style that is entirely her own. While some bloom, others blossom. No two pieces are the same, and all are equally charming. With sweaters, skirts, blouses and the like, Hendrix also designs incredibly chic brooches and scarves, aiming to win a spot in the heart of every classy cosmopolitan.

When perusing the Erika Hendrix Lookbook, I was absolutely blown away by the quality and precision in this young lady's designs. The first design preview I opened was the Daniel Weisser for Erika Hendrix shoot, catching my heartstrings and tangling them into an infatuated mess at the calibre of beauty that radiated from each and every piece. Instantly in love, I persisted to gaze, glassy-eyed, at the kaleidoscope of whimsical allure of her lookbook.

Now as we all know, the days of summer are the days of the whimsical, light, and flowing fashions- and this summer, Erika Hendrix has hit the needle right on the thread. Visit her website to pursue your amorous adventures this summer, and be sure to fill your closet with a summer romance that is entirely urban.

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