When frolicking at fashion week a few months back, I had scheduled an interview with none other than the beautiful Ford Supermodel of Canada, Shelby Furber. Just this past winter, Shelby flew to the coastal resort town of Budva, Montenegro to compete in the global finals for the Ford Supermodel of the World competition as the representation of Ford's Canadian Supermodel. At 5"10 with blue ocean-spray eyes, the brilliant brunette landed an impressive third runner-up pick in the competition, setting a phenomenal start for her modeling career. Soon after, the crowned Canadian super-queen was already walking for big names such as Lucian Matis, Diesel, Joe Fresh, Renata Morales, Evan & Dean as well as Gaudet and Pink Tartan. She also appeared in the prestigiously high-profile Chanel Resort Show last November 2008, held at a hanger in Santa Monica Airport. Shelby has recently appeared in editorials for Glow and Cheek Magazine, stunning the pages with an Alana Zimmer-esque profile with an added look to call her own.

Have a look below for some bits and bites from our fashion week interview.

Name: Shelby Furber
Agent: Ford
Interviewer: Nadia, TFVG.

Hey Shelby, how are you doing today? Enjoying yourself?
Yeah, I'm loving the week so far! It's been such a long week, but in a good way!

Yeah, I'm with you on that one! So let's get started?

Alright, so how long have you been modeling Shelby?
Since last summer, so almost a full year now. I was crowned Ford Supermodel of Canada in June 2008, so yeah just a few months short of a year.

What's your favorite part about modeling?
I have to say I love the runway shows! They're so colorful and they are always a great experience.

What about your favorite part about being here at fashion week?
Honestly, every single bit of it is amazing. I don't know, it's just like, once you get on the runway it's so much fun, just being out there has got to be my favorite part. All the lights and just being on stage, it's really great!

Do you mostly do runway, or catalog work as well?
Both. I've mostly been doing runway, but recently I've done two shoots for Glow and one for Cheek Magazine so those were great.

Wow, that's a great start, only in a year and already rocking Glow Magazine!
Yeah, for sure! But there is still a lot I want to do!

So it seems you are looking to pursue modeling a great deal further?
Definitely, I hope so and I will see where it takes me.

Well, you have a gorgeous face darling and I definitely look forward to see you on catwalks and covers alike in the next little while!
Haha, thanks so much!

So what do you have left to do today?
Well this evening I'm walking for Pink Tartan, the invite-only show later tonight, but I have been so busy all day I think I'll go relax a bit with my family and then come back for hair and makeup.

Sounds great! Well I will be keeping an eye out for you from the front row, silently rooting for you! Good luck tonight Shelby and thanks for your time!
Thank you very much!

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