From catwalks to magazine editorials, Karl Lagerfeld graces the media and public with his ever-mysterious presence, complete with his signature dark shades and snow-white locks pulled into a tight ponytail down the stretch of his neck. But what do we really know about the man behind the exquisitelycouturable line, besides him being a mere artistic engineer of fashion? This Monday, February 9th you will be able to discover it all for yourself. In honor of Fashion Week, the Sundance Channel will be airing the long-awaited feature film, the Lagerfeld Confidential, at 7pm EST. 
After ten years of contemplation, the intrepid director Rodolphe Marconi has finally decided to pursue his creation of the Lagerfeld Confidential, which provides an exclusive look into the mysterious life of the “man behind the shades”. For the first time ever, Karl Lagerfeld has allowed and artistic director to create an artwork of his life, entrusting the director with his day-to-day life and personal daily encounters. To date, there exists no form of authorized biography of Lagerfeld, for he chooses to keep his memories and experiences under strictly confidential lock and key, leaving us with what one could only call the “Karl Mystery”. It may give him an air of a certain je ne sais quoi, but all the same I am simply overjoyed at the prospect of taking a trip into the fashion visionary’s life.

What you can learn about a public figure from breaking the secluded separation block can give you remarkable insight into the unjustified stereotypes we plaster across their name and image. Naturally, the best things in life seem to take the most time, but I haven’t the slightest doubt that it was worth the wait. Three years of work and over three hundred hours of footage can allow you to penetrate a barrier that invites you into the daily life of Karl Lagerfeld from behind the lens of an artful filmmaker. The world-class couturiere displays the heart and soul of his being for the fashion world to see, and the outcomes of it are far from unfortunate. How full of bliss I was, when I discovered the true gentleman with a thirst for literature, knowledge, art and culture. You will see a man who is hopelessly in love with luxury, living quite the luxurious life himself, and you will finally have an opportunity to be able to experience it from a spectator’s point of view. How pleasant it will be to discover the affectionate and humorous fashion architect, who loves nothing more than to jest with others and bring laughter to their lives, in the very comfort of your own home. Oh but please, don’t just take my word for it, embark on your voyage of discovery into the life of Karl Lagerfeld yourself.
“Rodolphe Marconi discovers the shattering moments of a life, a solitary man hurt by the death of the person beloved, a man who however doesn’t bear the nostalgia : « If life was really better before, there would be no reason now to continue »” SOURCE 
Photo courtesy of the Lagerfeld Confidential Official Website.

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