Attention Gossip Girl Fans!

Ever wonder where those darling outfits “designed” by Blair Waldorf’s fashion-phenomenal mother, Eleanor Waldorf, really come from? I know I did. The refined and preppy dressiness of the line is the work of Abigail Lorick, a former Ford-model-turned-designer, who lucked out by scoring the gig designing for the show.

Always one to be a fan of the classy allure of ladylike fashion pieces, Abigail Lorick’s collection stood out to me amongst the sea of recognizable designer pieces featured on the show that were pulled fresh from the runways. Not that I mind the flirty Marc Jacobs frocks or the flavorful Chanel pieces, but the distinctly laissez-faire contemporary glam of Lorick’s designs struck an appealing chord in my favour.

Lorick’s collection consists of a mixture of conservative chic, geek chic, and classic glam all stirred into a marvelous elegant cocktail for the youthful, free bird fashionistas of the world. One good thing about Lady Lorick, is the collections aren’t too widespread, so you can still dress yourself in an outfit appropriate for every day wear, while still appealing to your girly and individual style.

For a look at the line, check out her website here.

Photos Courtesy of Abigail Lorick New York.

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