What could be absolutely cooler than a little glamour in your very own bedroom? 
Nothing, if what I have to say about it counts.

My room is my fantasy world. My little visionboard of style, spunk, and everything that is my own. It is my inspiration, along with everything inside it. So of course, I want it to be a reflection of my personal style. It’s gotta be funky, fresh and scream my name. With fashion being my obsession, my room is crafted to perfection with each item chosen carefully, and placed in a certain spot. My favorite part of my room has got to be the giant Grand Central Station clock hanging from the far corner of my room, between the posts of my two closets. It gives me a constant “Big Apple” feel, which I love, not to mention keeps me on track time-wise.

Designers should add some emphasis on creating items to put in living spaces, that way our rooms can be just as fashion forwards as we are. Until then, create your own “Fashion Space” in your own personal style, by adding some wicked vintage objects, like a vintage chandelier!

Problem is, chandeliers can be very, very expensive. So I searched and searched and found some chandeliers made from Plexiglas and a wee bit of real glass as well. They come in an array of colors, so don’t worry about changing your color scheme just to get one of these luminous lights. Check them out from this website for more details!

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